To The Originality
Series of DIY
I'm A Painter
Put down your cell phone, pick up the brush, and express the content you want to express in line and color.

Pencil sketching, outline colouring, the birth of an oil painting requires every detail to take part in.

It's not difficult to turn a blank picture paper into your art masterpiece.
Thoroughly Tempered Leather Workshop
Behind a delicate leather product, it has to undergo numerous grinding and hammering.

Whether it is work or life, if you want to achieve the ultimate goal, you must go through the preoccupation.

Make a leather product that belongs exclusively to you, and understand the craftsman spirit of "only focusing on one thing in your life".
Monologue Of A Lipstick
This is considered to be one of the best way to arouse the enthusiasm of female employees: with their heart itch, all kinds of color numbers, it is better to tailor one unique lipstick for yourself! Put aside all the distractions and concentrate on making an exclusive lipstick that belongs to you.

Male employees can also seize this opportunity to increase communication with their female co-workers and make a gift for your girlfriend or wife!
Release Your Vitality
Series of sports
Graceful Social Sports
Petanque is different from other traditional competitive sports and is described as the symbol of French life. It is considered an elegant sport.

It was officially born in the southern French town called La Ciotat in 1907. Then it has became a national sport for all the ages in France, because the rules are simple and it requires less amount of exercise.

Petanque can not only stimulate the enthusiasm of teamwork, but also enable employees to increase the understanding of each other while playing.
Football Snooker
Soccer snooker is in the form of two teams competing.

Rule 1: Same as nine balls.
Rule 2: Each team selects a captain and extracts the task cards. According to the ability and advantage of each team member, the captain should lead the team to follow the contents of the task cards and scored in different ways.

Play A Harmonious Note
Series of music
Process planning (3-4 hours long):
1. Prepare for a simple and easy to learn ensemble in advance;
2. The music will be divided into several pieces, and the members will be divided into several groups. Each group should learn the assigned piece of music in a specified time period;
3. Practice together;
4. Formal performance.

The goals of this team building activity are:
1. Establish the tacit  among the members of the team;
2. Exercise flexibility;
3. Understand the position of yourself.
Cooperative Song
Keywords & Story: Choose keywords, open everyone's thoughts, and write them down. f you want to say something, open your heart and tell us.

Song Theme: We conclude the theme of songs through everyone's sharing.

Lyric & Melody: Through the sharing, we complete the compilation of the lyrics, and let the professionals to complete the creation of the melody.

Sing & Record: Music recording / Chorus performance, leaving an unforgettable memory.
The Supreme Grand Ceremony
Series of immersive drama
Murder On The Orient Express
Classic novel adapted, annual suspense drama can be acting by you! The most authentic train site, restored from the movie, bringing you the real immersive drama!

Divide the participants into two groups, one group as directors, actors and field staff, the other group as the audience.

Each audience will receive a small task. They need to complete the task within the whole performance. Meanwhile, the actors, directors and staff need to deal with sudden situations and crisis created by those audiences.

Suggested participants:40-80 people