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CHEMIN welcomes all the enthusiastic, and energetic candidates to join our team to explore the limitless possibilities for the future.
Job Description:
As a fast-expanding talent solutions company, we are now looking for talented individual with or without any recruitment, sales or HR experience to join our team as a recruitment consultant.

Profile and offer:
We are interested in people with or without previous recruitment experience, the people who are looking for a company that they want to grow quickly with and take the full responsibility for their own business.

- Strong communications across English/Mandarin;
- Entrepreneurial, passionate, results-oriented, dynamic and success minded;
- Continuous learning;
- Motivated by building strong connections and providing outstanding service to your clients;
- Excellent growth potential and fast career development;
- Dynamic and team based working environment with great rewards.
Position Levels: 
Management Trainee, Researcher, Associate Consultant, Consultant, or Sr. Consultant.

Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong.

  1. Contact and maintain relationships with HR from different MNC and Local companies with a presence in China;
  2. As first point of contact with potential client, must maintain a high level of professionalism and customer service;
  3. Develop business strategy and business models with BD Team for implementation in future strategy;
  4. Negotiate contracts with companies looking to use our services;
  5. Assist in the branding and marketing for the company;
  6. Represent the company at conferences, networking events, and seminars;
  7. Assist consultants with communications and occasional search functions;
  8. Keep effective communication with the industry managers and clients in order to ensure the whole recruiting process progresses smoothly.
  1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing or human resources major. Experience in business development or human resources related industries is preferred.
  2. Basic English speaking and writing skills. French is plus.
  3. Excellent organizational, executive, time management skills and teamwork spirit.
  4. Quick response, strong communication and negotiation skills with affinity.
  5. Strong market development capability, able to maintain good working condition under pressure.
  6. Good temperament, strong sense of responsibility, aspiring to long-term development in the human resources industry.

1. 配合设计师进行公司线上(网页、H5等)及线下平面(品牌宣传各类手册、画册、海报)等相关宣传物的设计和制作;
2. 与团队整体配合,通过对宣传文字的深入理解和掌控共同提升宣传影响力,增加推广效果。

1. 全日制本科以上视觉传达、平面设计等相关专业在读;
2. 能熟练操作 Photoshop, Illustrator等相关软件;
3. 具有较深的美术功底, 良好的审美观和创新能力, 有较强的创意思维能力和创新精神;
4. 能感知设计和广告行业的最新趋势;
5. 自学者,对于行业内的最新的技术和实践等,有自我激励的学习欲望;
6. 有较强的设计需求分析能力,能准确理解客户需求;
7. 具有强烈的责任心,善于沟通与协作,能高质量高效率的完成工作。