Employee Engagement
Be your best creator for enhacing your Employee engagement CM provides whole year customized service plan including creative employee activities, special employee benefits and internal communication platform. Every detail may lead your employees happy!

Creative Employee Activity
Be tired of those boring staff activities? CM will make your company more dynamic by planning creative activities according to different seasons and your needs.

Customized Staff Benefits
Customize the company's exclusive benefits enhancing the sense of belonging of employees. Workplace can also be full of happiness!

Holiday Gifts
On a special day, a small gift will give employees the feeling of infinite warmth.
Tea Breaks
Use fine food as supplement energy for employees who are busy with their work.
Corporate T-shirt
To customize the most distinctive team cultural shirt.
Office Supplies
A full set of office supplies, both practical and aesthetic. They can be distributed not only to employees, but also as promotional gifts.
Office Decorations
For the staff to provide the most comfortable and humanized office environment.

Internal Communication Platform
Build an internal communication platform to enable employees to get first-hand

New Media Platform
Internal Magazine


Online Campaign