Let CM take care of your corporate image
CM provides employer branding and corporate branding service for companies. Whether it is recruitment needs or business cooperation, we will provide comprehensive integration solutions based on your situation.

Corporate Image Creation

  New Media Platform
Corporate news, information, etc.
Increase corporate exposure.
Promotional Video
Visual presentation for multi-channel campaigns.
Corporate Magazine
Show your partners and clients the latest achievements of the company.
Send the latest information to your customer at a time.
Online/Offline Campaign
Online campaign, news conference...
We get them all!

Employer Branding

According to your company's current situation and expectations, CM will find the most suitable promotion point and use multi-channel to promote employer branding.
Has your corporate established a good employer brand?

“The employer brand represents the image and commitment of the existing employees, the departing employees and the potential employees to the employer. It is both internal and external.”

In China, more and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of employer branding. We are committed to creating the best corporate culture and employer brand for corporate creativity, finding the most suitable promotion entry point based on the current situation and expectations of the company, and promoting the brand through multi-channels.

Case:  After entering China, a well-known foreign-funded travel retail group faced low domestic popularity and a relatively small industry. CM used online platforms to combine offline activities and quickly attracted many target candidates in a short period of time. The first job fair was a great success and collected a large number of high-quality resumes.

Campus Recruiting
CM plans more creative and diverse activities to bring the company into the campus, attracting more students and increasing the exposure of the employer brand.

Industry Interaction
Pulling in the distance between companies and getting first-hand information in the industry. Including exchange summits, forums, networking parties, etc.

CM can plan various forms of CSR activities and establish a good social image for your corporate. Including fundraising, green environmental protection, children's charity, etc.